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Services for Clients

Counselling can help manage common thinking and emotional side effects related to cancer, serious illness and their treatments.  It can also provide practical strategies to assist with managing anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep problems and general adjustment, along with building skills in coping, resilience, relaxation and mindfulness.


Are you dealing with, or recovering from Cancer?

A diagnosis of cancer and the following treatment journey is often confusing, scary and at times overwhelming. Adjusting to life after cancer can be just as challenging.


Do you, or someone you care about, have a Palliative Illness?

Discovering that your illness is incurable can be incredibly confronting and distressing.  Finding ways to manage symptoms and focusing on living life with quality presents unique challenges, often when people are physically and emotionally at their most vulnerable. Patients, carers and families can all be affected.


Are you adjusting to life after trauma or bereavement?

Counselling can help navigate the challenges of finding a 'new normal', when life as you knew it, is forever changed.


Multidisciplinary Care

Jen encourages a multidisciplinary approach to overall care throughout medical treatment. With your consent, she will engage regular appropriate communication with your treatment team. If you have concerns about this, please let Jen know, so you can discuss what is right for you.


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